Breaking Cycles

6 Steps to Breaking a Generational Cycle

1. “Full Surrender” – (James 4:7-8) “Therefore submit (accept or yield to a superior force) to God. Resist (refuse to accept) the devil and he will flee from you.Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your unfaithful heart, you double-minded. (Romans 3:23) For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

You first have to be willing to fully submit to God before you can even begin to resist and fight against the devil and his demons to make them flee from you. Submitting to God means you have entered into this full surrender with Him. You have to be willing to fully surrender every part of your being to him – mind, body, soul, and spirit along with your entire life over to Him. No one can make this choice but YOU. This will be the New Beginnings of your spiritual warfare battle with demonic spirits. If you are willing to make this full surrender with the Lord, then you will now be ready for step 2.

2. “Confess the Sins of Your Sinning Parent to God the Father” – (Leviticus 26:40, 42) “But if they will confess their sins and the sins of their fathers, their unfaithfulness in which they were unfaithful to Me, and that they also have walked contrary to Me … then I will remember My covenant with Jacob and My covenant with Isaac and My covenant with Abraham I will remember …” Question Asked: Why would God want you to confess out the sins of your father or mother when you had nothing to do with their sins in the first place? Answer: God wants you to know exactly why these demons are coming after you in the first place – and that reason is because of the severe sins your sinning parent has committed against the Lord. God wants you to have full knowledge as to what is going on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm, and by confessing what sins you know your sinning parent has committed against the Lord – you are showing Him that you have the knowledge and the understanding that these original sins are what has caused all these events to occur as they have done in your own personal life.

Trackback to your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents’ sins: depression, fornication, adultery, lying, stealing, manipulation, alcoholism, gambling, rape, molestation, jealousy, witchcraft, mental illness, cursing, ill-temper, isolation, pornography, sexual abuse.

3. “Be Willing to Forgive Your Sinning Parent” – Dysfunctional families end up either, physically, verbally, or sexually abuse and these families end up harboring deep feelings of guilt, hate, anger, rage, and unforgiveness toward the sinning parent. If these sins don’t get properly dealt with early they will settle down in the children’s mental and emotional makeup, then a mental stronghold will then form out giving demons plenty of negative energy to attach to and feed on. You have to be willing to fully forgive your sinning parent for whatever they have ever done no matter how bad, how vile, and how some of the vicious acts may have been toward you. When you don’t forgive those people hold you in mental bondage and they have moved on with their lives. I know this may be hard for you to do. (Philippines 4:13) I can do all this through Him who gives me strength. We have the VICTORY over the enemy through our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. Jesus wants to SET YOU FREE from the hands of the enemy. (Mark 11:25) And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.

4. “Break Any Ungodly Soul Ties with the Sinning Parent” – The natural parent-child relationship that immediately develops when a child is born into the family, a strong spiritual bond will form between the child and parents one or both end up abusing the child over a period of many years. The child’s natural reaction is there is something wrong with me, or they must have done something wrong to warrant this kind of behavior. When the sinning parent gets too far out of control and does horrible things to their children, then what the child must do when they get old enough to understand all of this is to break any ungodly and unhealthy soul ties that may have formed earlier in the family with the sinning parent. The sinning parent will always be your natural parent by blood. That doesn’t mean you have to stay spiritually attached to this evil, sinning dysfunctional parent.

Question: What is a Soul tie? Answer: A soul tie is any type of spiritual bonding that can occur between two people who have entered into any kind of personal relationship.

A soul tie can occur between two spouses, two friends, siblings also between a parent and a child.

A soul tie can be a good and healthy one like what occurs between two people who marry for true love and who are capable of loving their children and their friends in a good and godly manner.

A soul tie can also be a bad one, where the personal relationship becomes dysfunctional with one of the persons becoming dominant and abusive one in the relationship and the other person becoming submissive one who is being abused and hurt by the dominant person.

When this happens, it has to be completely broken in order to be completely set free from both the abuser and any demon that may be attacking you as a result of the legal rights given by the abuser to the demons.

Demons will move in to feed off any kind of unhealthy soul tie that could develop. So you have to make sure that any of these kinds of destructive soul ties get completely broken when you go into this kind of battle prayer.

5. “Break the Curse Line of Demons” – Once you have completed the 4 Steps then you will be fully ready to break the generational curse line that the demons have been feeding and operating on. (Proverbs 18:21) The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

First, you will ask God to do this for you.

Second, you will take his authority and his power and verbally command this curse line to be fully broken in the name of Jesus Christ. (Mathew 16:19) “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

Third, the Battle Prayer is when you take the spiritual authority directly from God the Father, command every inch and every part of this curse line to be completely broken, completely severed, and completely demolished in the name of Jesus Christ. Once this is done your Final step is to be able to Receive Your Deliverance.

6. “Verbally Command the Demons to Leave You In The name of Jesus Christ” – Once this curse is fully broken, the demons will have nothing left to be able to hold onto. Now you will be to Verbally Engage with them and command them to leave you in the name of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You have to complete the 5 steps, the legal rights of the demons will not be properly broken and they will not leave Fearless Generations.

The Word of God is Our Sword!

Antuan J. Foxx

Antuan J. Foxx knows all too well about breaking cycles in his life. Only through the grace of God was he able to break the stronghold of generational cycles in his life. Jesus healed and removed all the pain of his past and filled him with courage, peace and a sense of purpose. Now with the help of his wife, Samantha Pointer Foxx, he wants to share that promise with others on how to live each day free from pain.

Antuan J. Foxx

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