Creating A Path To Breaking Cycles

We provide leadership, spiritual education, mentorship, accountability, vocational resources and life skills training for the "inner city" of Nashville, TN.

What we do

Breaking Cycles  Mentorship

We currently are providing mentoring through our Breaking Cycles Ministry Manhood 101 Mentorship & Womanhood 101 Mentorship

Previous places we have mentored are Standing Tall Music City

How To Break the Cycle

Don't participate in dysfunctional or unhealthy behaviour. Often, such behaviour is commonplace in one's family and the person breaking cycles does so to keep from continuing through future generations. Below are steps anyone right now can take to Break Cycles in your life. 

Step 1. Identify the problem as a problem

Don't push anything under the rug. If it bothers you, seek God and pray about it. 

Step 2. Take Responsibility for the problem

Don't blame another person for your situation.

Step 3. Resolve to change one thing at a time

I suggest picking the smallest thing as it will likely be the easiest to change. 

Step 4. Get help

Get professional help if needed, but definitely seek help from God. 

Step 5. Remove everyone caught up in your cycle

Yes, I just suggested that perhaps you need to stay away from your pessimistic family members or your gossipy friends for a while. You are not abandoning them. Remember, you will never be able to help others until you help yourself. 

Step 6. Fill your mind with positive things

There is one way to do this. Give your life to God.

why we do it

Our Mission

A faith-based, 501(c)(3), non-profit, outreach organization providing leadership, spiritual education, mentorship, accountability, vocational resources and life skills training for the "inner city" of Nashville, TN.

Our Vision

To create a path to break negative cycles that keep kids, individuals and families in the "inner city" community from radically improving their lives. 

About The Founders

Are you stuck in yesterday? Confused about today? No sense of tomorrow? In every family, history repeats itself and creates a generational cycle of patterns which can include depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, abuse, dependency, and abandonment, which can affect you today.

Antuan J. Foxx knows all too well about breaking cycles in his life. Only through the grace of God was he able to break the stronghold of generational cycles in his life. Jesus healed and removed all the pain of his past and filled him with courage, peace and a sense of purpose.

Samantha Pointer Foxx also has dealt with breaking negative cycles in her life. Relying on her relationship with God, she was able to overcome depression, anxiety and procrastination. 

Now the Foxxes want to share that promise with others on how to live each day with freedom in Christ. 

Antuan and Samantha Foxx

Our Community Volunteer Members

We can't do it alone here at Breaking Cycles Ministry. You need a strong team and that's just what we have.

Kenyeta Weathersby

Kenyeta Weathersby

Community volunteer

Hi, I'm Kenyeta Weathersby, Community Volunteer of Breaking Cycles Ministry! My mission is to help identify and develop leaders to enable them to reach their lifelong dreams and desires. In order to do so, I guide individuals to understand what roadblocks are hindering them from realizing their fullest potential and keeping them from crushing their goals. I believe in order to gain the most experience out of life, it's important to ensure that our minds, bodies, souls as well as finances are all aligned. We focus on the inner work to enhance your outer world! I also am an accountability partner and an motivator that will keep you encouraged and inspired throughout your journey! I look forward to serving the community through Breaking Cycles Ministry.

Rita Robinson

Rita Robinson

community volunteer

Hi, My name is Rita Robinson, Community Volunteer of Breaking Cycles Ministry! I am here to share, teach, and help families Break Cycles to promote healthier lifestyles. My passion and purpose for community outreach began two decades ago while teaming up with Crittenton Services as a Peer Counselor to share information to help equip others on their journey. I am honored and excited to collaborate with a highly driven, exceptional team to implement our vision within the community through testimonials, support, and resources to help elevate you to your highest potential! My roots and heart are here in Nashville, TN, with a daughter, son, and two grandchildren." I am looking forward to meeting and serving you!


Fall Break Kick-Off event presented by breaking Cycles Community in Partnership with forever Don Foundation

Come join us for our Fall Break Kick-Off Event in Partnership with Forever Don Foundation. Breaking Cycles Ministry will hold a Fall Break Kick-Off event for the James Cayce Community. This is a free event for kids Pre-K through 12th grade. We will have food, music, games, raffles and special guests. Registration begins at 11:15am. You can scan the QR code to register early. We look forward to seeing you there!

Date: Monday, October 10, 2022
Time: 12pm CST to 5pm CST - Registration begins at 11:15am.
Location: Kirkpatrick Community Center, 998 Sevier St. Nashville, TN. 37206


The Big Book DRIVE by Book'em

Help us keep the stream of books flowing! Donations made to this virtual book drive will to go Book'em, a nonprofit bringing books and reading role models to underprivileged youth in Davidson County. Every $2.50 provides 1 book for a child in need. Breaking Cycles Ministry has partnered with Book'em to keep the books flowing. 

 You can click here to help with a donation. 


Here is a list of programs we currently offer.

Transition Life Skills Services

We have partnered with various organizations to provide resources for individuals and families in various areas of life. These include mental health, self care, dental care, vehicle maintenance, credit, homebuying, voter registration, dealing with criminal records, and becoming a business owner. 

Manhood 101 Mentorship

This program equips young men with the necessary skills, character mentatility and emotional strength to be leaders. It also teaches how to treat and respect women. 

Womanhood 101 Mentorship

This program will equip young women with the necessary skills to navigate as a woman in this society. Subjects include mindset, selfcare, self esteem, being a Godly woman, self respect, self love, entrepreneurship and organization.

Familyhood 101

This program is for mentoring families on Breaking Cycles, how to structure family values, doing family gatherings on a consistent basis and more. 

Other Ways You Can Support Our Mission

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We love providing resources to the community of businesses that we use and that are doing their part to make our community a better place. 

Joelton Nutrition

Joelton Nutrition

Cecil and Melissa chapman

365 Asset Solutions

365 Asset Solutions

Tony Murrell

YOur Neighborhood Mechanics

Your neighborhood Mechanic

Cedric Johnson

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4:13 Strong

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