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Many individuals are trapped and weighed down by unfavorable generational circumstances such as poverty and violence. At Breaking Cycles Foundation, we provide mentorship, valuable resources, job placement, and programs that empower individuals to break free from these negative cycles. Together, help us pave a path for our community to move towards progress and a better life.

What we do

Breaking Cycles  Mentorship

We currently are providing mentoring through our Breaking Cycles Foundation Manhood 101 Mentorship & Womanhood 101 Mentorship

Previous places we have mentored are Standing Tall Music City

About The Founder

Are you stuck in yesterday? Confused about today? No sense of tomorrow? In every family, history repeats itself and creates a generational cycle of patterns which can include depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, abuse, dependency, and abandonment, which can affect you today.

Antuan J. Foxx knows all too well about breaking cycles in his life. Only through the grace of God was he able to break the stronghold of generational cycles in his life. Jesus healed and removed all the pain of his past and filled him with courage, peace and a sense of purpose.

Now he wants to share that promise with others on how to live each day with freedom in Christ. 

Antuan J. Foxx

Other Ways You Can Support Our Mission

If you prefer to mail a check you can do so by doing the following:
Check payable to: Breaking Cycles Foundation
Send to address: 919 Conference Drive, Ste. 4-274, Goodlettsville, TN. 37072
In memo line please reference what your donation is for. 

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